Charlie Turner

– NRA Certified Range Safety Officer – USMC Veteran – Federal Corrections Officer 25+ years – Firearms Instructor 20+ years  – Swat member & Instructor – Bus Operator 

Dwayne Moore

-1988-1992 US Marine Corps    -2003-2023 Federl Bureau of Prisons   – Federal Bureau of Prisons Firearms Instructor   – SWAT Team Member   – National Instructor for DOJ   -Self-Defense Instructor    -NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Candi Legursky

-NRA Instructor Certfications:       Pistol – Refuse to be a Victim       Protection Inside the Home       Protection Outside the Home   -NRA Certified Range Safety Officer  -Competitive Shooter-Indoor & Outdoor Glock GSSF

Jeff James

-8 Years US Navy -23 Years Federal Bureau of Prisons -SWAT Instructor & Team Member – NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Eric Brooks

-1995-2021 Federal Bureau of Prisons  -21+ years Federal Bureau of Prisons Firearms Instructor -Federal Bureau of Prisons Bus Operations School – 20 years SWAT Team Member -NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Bryan Bane

-4 Years Active Duty Air Force Security Forces -USPSA Competitive Shooter -NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

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